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Heller Family | Bluffton, IN

Meet the Heller family! Aka my second family! I have known them now for over 7 years and know that they will stay in my life forever. I was Graci's first babysitter when Jodi went back to work after maternity leave. What started out as a nanny job has turned into a lifelong friendship between not just Graci and I but her whole family! They have treated me like one of their own since the first day I was there, now 7 years later we have shared laughter, tears, heartache, celebrations, and milestones together. 

Here are just a few of my favorites! 

Distance Unveiled

Just when you think you've got this long distance thing down something comes along and knocks you back three steps and you feel like this just isn't going to work. I knew going into this distance period that we could get through it like we had before in the past but I was seeking for something more out of the distance period.

What I was looking for was growth from the distance. When you're married and your husband is away for a long period of time you can either just make it through the time or you can grow from it coming out stronger on the other side (that was my thought process at least!)

 I wanted and longed to come out of this period of time a better wife having more confidence in my marriage than ever before. Because if you want to test your marriage, spend some time on facetime with bad internet, be in a different time zone and both be doing work/school full time and do all of the above every day for months.  It will test your patience and communication skills.

Zoe | 6 Months

I'm a little late posting these photos! But here is Zoe's 6-month photo shoot! She is getting so big!!

Let's take her to the fair

About two weeks before the fair Graci says to me "We should take Emma to the Fair like you take me to the fair!" I agreed and said, "WE should do that!" I've taken Graci to the Fair the past few years to do the fish game, get cotton candy, ride down the slide etc .. you know Fair type things. I have enjoyed every year doing so. When Graci thought of taking Emma with us this year it made me happy. I love being an aunt and doing things with Emma. I think it made me happy because I love that Graci enjoys playing with Emma, I think I secretly hope they get along so we can all do things together, like this. 
Auntie Lane was in on the action to this year, she also wanted to take Emma to the Fair so we all got together and made it happen. 
Fish, sweets, games and parade! Oh, what a fun time. Emma did pretty well for her first big day at the Fair the noise from the parade was a lot for her, but she enjoyed it I think. Now she's got the idea of how fun the Fair can be