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Headwaters Park Fort Wayne, Indiana | Chasing The Sun Maternity Session | Brittany + Girls

This is part 1 of Brittany's Maternity session. We are going to be doing more tonight! But thought I would share this with you guys now :) 

Roanoke, IN Autumn Senior Session | Sarah

I can't believe I forgot to share this blog post back in November! I have the hardest time keeping up with blogging in the busy season!! Sarah is the SWEETEST, KINDEST and LOVING girl. I remember being tired and missing my husband when photographing Sarah and her light and smile just brighten my day and I felt refreshed after leaving. So thank you, Sarah, for that <3 

I love photographing seniors in the fall. If you are a 2018 graduate, let's get your photos down this coming Autumn season!! :) 

#exploremystate | Downtown Indianapolis

Before the New Year was here we found ourselves in Puerto Rico on a wonderful and exciting vacation. We met up with a photographer there who took our pictures and we became friends very fast (we seem to have a lot in common!) they asked us to join them for dinner and so we did. As we were chatting about all things Puerto Rico, waterfalls, beaches and all the amazing things Puerto Rico has I kind of laughed out loud and said "We just don't have that in Indiana" our new friends sorta asked then "What is in Indiana?" Cain and I looked at each other and said "Cornfields" 

We followed with "there is more than cornfields, that's just all we really know about Indiana"

I was saddened right there at myself. I have lived in Indiana for 25 (almost 26!) years and all I had to say about my state was "cornfields" of course I know there is more to this state than the cornfields (and nothing is wrong with our cornfields by the way) but I couldn't say much more. 

Over the next couple of weeks as we prepared for the new year and like always I search for something for me to do as a goal. I decided on this .... I want to explore my state, Indiana. I want to never just say "cornfields" again. I want to say at least 5 places and things that make up our state! I am calling it #exploremystate and #projectlovemystate on Instagram. 

I want to know and love the state that I am in, no matter what state that might be! There is always things to explore and I want to be proud of where I come from and where I might go in the future! 

We decided that our first stop would be the heart of Indiana, Indianapolis, our State Capital! I have been in Indy many of times, actually Indy is where we got engaged! (you can check that out here!) It's the "Big, big city" for us and takes 2 hours to get there but we don't visit often enough. 

We now have close friends who live in Indy so it was fitting to go there and visit some new places and spend time with friends! 

We do not know everything and we did not go to all these places but this is what I have found out from friends and from what I knew already about Indy... 

Places to EAT :: 
SoBro Cafe, Rock Bottom, Cheesecake Factory, Giordano's, Trader's Point Creamy, Burger Up, Spaghetti Factory, Nada's, Yard House, St Elmo Steak House, Weber Grill Restaurant, Bakersfield .... to name a few. 

Places to GO :: 
The Children's Museum, White River State Park, Colts Game at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis Speedway, Central Library, Central Canal, Monument Circle, Indianapolis Art Center (bridge we got engaged at), Pacers Bakers Life Fieldhouse ...to name a few. 

Places to SHOP :: Circle Centra, Mass Ave, Bread Ripple, Zionsville - Go visit Blooms + Linen and tell them Lanette sent you! I LOVE everything in there and have already purchased more online since visiting! 

If you guys have any places to add to these lists, comment below so everyone can see! :) 

I will be sharing throughout this year our adventures in Indiana so follow me on Instagram to come along with us! 

Zo Zo | Banana love

A blog post dedicated to Zo Zo's love for Banana's .... 

Jan 16th, 2017