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Fort Wayne, Indiana Family Session | The Park's

I'm so incredibly grateful and honored to get to meet such amazing families in my lines of work. The Park family has a special place though in my heart! I first met Emily when JJ was deployed and little Owen was just turning 1 years old (cake smash photos!)

 I knew right off the bat that Emily was someone I would want to spend more time with, she is seriously the kindest person you will meet! Who doesn't like to be around that?! So then I got the news the JJ was coming home and I had the honor to witness and photograph JJ's homecoming and see him meet his baby girl Stella, who was almost 3 months at the time (if I remember right!) oh the tears that still flow when looking through those photos! (JJ's Homecoming Photos)

So, as you can see this family is pretty special and I feel extremely blessed to be able to photograph such a perfect little family. I love JJ's and Emily's babies, Jax, Owen, and Stella! I think you will to after looking through these photos <3 

Stay OFF! of my skin

Today I am going to shine the spot light on this new Insect Repellent I have been using. I am in thick, tall grass a lot with taking pictures and I never wanted to put "Off" on my skin because, well, chemicals. I know I know, chemicals... that word that no one likes to talk about! 

When I found out that it was rated a 9 on the "Think Dirty" app I made my own bug spray with just essential oils. It worked great and I never really had to complain about it. But when I found this insect repellent I was super excited because I am not a huge DIY(er) and making the spray took a hot minute (really no time at all) but who's got time for that?! 

I wanted to share the screen shot from my phone of the "Off!" on the Think Diry app... 

Developmental and Reproductive toxicity... I think not! ha.

Evenings Before Goodbyes

Oh, I would love to spend every evening like this. The three of us together and enjoying the sunset together. The last year has been a long one, but for some reason, the last few months have been the hardest! July started out looking just wonderful, it looked like Cain would be home all of July, I counted the days he would be home and I was pretty stinking happy about it. Then, that very afternoon he got dates to leave for the last of his flight training in Shelbyville. Thankfully, things always work out and he was able to get dates home still through out July, here and there. 

So that's what we have been doing and what's left of July for us. He will be home for a day or two and gone for a few more, then back again. Just always being very thankful for the time we do get. As I was sharing with friends over the weekend, a whole day together is huge for us and if it's a weekend, that is like a unicorn! 

As you can see in these pictures with Nova, she is pretty happy when her family is together. I've got nothing on Cain, she loves him so much and I would have to agree with her. 

Guess what, today... we are together <3 It's a good day. 

Fort Wayne, Indiana | Price Girls

The beauty of these girls came from the inside out, truly could not get over their sweet spirits and kind hearts. They are loved beyond measure. I knew it from the start, the way their parents spoke to them, their words to each other were sweet, loving and kind. They laughed and had true joy. 

I was praying the whole time that I would be able to capture just a little bit of that joy, to show the love that these girls have and show their hearts. I am so so thankful for the friends I meet from doing photography. There are days that it can be hard to make everyone happy and I know that not everyone can be happy. But when I see a mom almost in tears because I am capturing her sweet girls, to me that's when I know what I am doing is so worth it and what I do matters <3

This post is long but so worth it to go to the end, some sweet moments below <3