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What a beautiful miracle life is.


It took a long time to hang anything in this new home. We moved in at my busiest season (ever!) while Cain also was pushing his limit of jobs and commitments we just kept passing each other going and coming from work and the times we were home we just wanted to sit and be quite haha so we kept the house project list short. Now that things are slowing down I am heading more things to that list (sorry Cain!) 

The dining room is located right off of the Kitchen and Living room so we are always passing it and I wanted a clean space, I have a thing for clutter (I hate it!) but my personality tends to leave clutter around so I have to fight against that by limit things in a room! 

I needed a place to hang my new oils rack and I couldn't think of a better place to hang it. Cain was just happy I was finally hanging something but said I had to hang a picture too (he is missing our pictures!) so I promised I would make room for it! 

I was waiting for a table to put in front of this wall and when Target had a sale on Black Friday I jumped on it and got this adorable table. Sadly I didn't read the color of the wood because it came in "off-white" .... ugh. Nothing makes me more frustrated in off-white! Seeing how our house is very white (Oxford White) anything is just a little off, looks yellowing! Soooooo... without panicking too much I ran to the lowes, but more of my Oxford white and painted the off-white parts of this table!

Let's Stay in Bed

Busy season is slowing down, a little. But it only takes a little to give us a lot of joy! A day inside the house, going no where and just cuddles, loving on Nova and eating lots of food all day ... this is our happy place.

I am so excited for the next few month as I am making this house a home for us. A place we can come into and feel peace and unwind from a busy life <3

P.s Cain has some photograph skills poeple might not know about! Love when he photographs me, because it's so sweet to see his "view" of me. 

Fort Wayne, Indiana | Chelsea Maternity Session


We had to rescheule Chelsea photos due to weather and so when the time came for her pictures we were really excited to start (although, it was super cold out and windy out!!) but she was a champ and we made it work!!! I can not wait to meet this baby!!!

I took Chelsea senior photos way back when, and now I'm about to photograph her first baby in Januray .... um, wow am I getting old!! Time does fly guys, truly it does.

I love you friend! Thank you for trusting me with the most imporant moments <3 You are a light and a great friend, so lucky to have you!!!