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Bluffton, IN Autumn Family Session | Biberstein

I got to take Falisha maternity pictures back in July, now we have sweet Griffin here and we got to do family photos with him!! I have fallen in love with this sweet family and am so thankful that I have gotten to know them better and call them friends <3 

Roanoke, IN Autumn Senior Session | Carson

I always miss "Senior Sunday" my bad! But here are some of my favorites from Carson's senior session!


We are coming home! 

When Cain left in August he knew when he got home that he would need a new vehicle. He had big hopes that he would find a great deal in TX and purchase a truck. So while going through school he would keep a close eye on good deals here and there. They would come and go so fast he didn't have a chance to get to them. Half way through he decied though if he got a trcuk while in TX, I would fly there one way and drive back with him. 

We were getting pretty close to his coming home date and still, no truck. We started getting a little discouraged because we were both ready to be with each other again and if that meant getting a truck, the pressure was on for Cain to find one! :p

I was venting to a friend about our plans and discouragment in him not finding the right truck and having to wait the extra 3 weeks to see each other now (3 weeks might seem like no time at all, but when you've gone already 100 days without each other, every day matters)

My friend just said "Go to TX, if he gets a truck, cancel your fight. If not, go home the same day as him"

All of a sudden it hit me how easy she was making it sound, because it was that simple. 

That's why I have been in TX the past 2 weeks. I swear if she hadn't of made it so simple I would still be in Indiana missing my husband terribly! Thanks Jodi <3

Cain found this truck and we went and looked at it together just a week after I got here. The story of how we ended up with this truck, with our asking price is a great story that Cain will have to tell you. But long story short, we totally walked away from it because they weren't going down to our price. We drove off and said "that's alright, it wasn't meant to be"

10 minutes down the road she called back coming down on price and not even meeting half way but going to the price we offered! 

We hung up the phone laughing saying "That really works? The whole walking away thing?"

So now Cain will come home with a truck that we worked so hard for! I really believe he deserves it and so much more. I am proud of the man who works hard and saves for what he wants! 

We are coming home!! After a little delay on the Paramedic test schedule we are now leaving Tuesday evening for Indiana. 

Now I just have to pack up our stuff and also still try and get work done.... ahhhh the stress is starting to hit me! Now would be the time that my friend Jodi would say something so wise and make me feel better <3 

Trying to not focus on the "to do list" and just enjoy the last two days here <3 


When Cain found out he would be going to College Station, TX for a 4 month Paramedic school one of the first things I did was look up how close he was to Magnolia Market in Waco, TX. When I saw he was not going to be far, I was super jealous! At the time we thought I would not be going to visit him while he was away, so I made him promise he would go in my stead and get me something! 

Well, fast forward to this past weekend. I am here in College Station visiting Cain and we were able to go into Waco and visit Magnolia Market, together. 

What?! Is this real life? It was pretty much another moment for me where I had to stop because I realized that I was really living my life and getting to do this, something I had been looking forward too. 

Our great uncle Cook and aunt Kathy picked us up Friday morning at 8:30am and we were off to Waco. It was 70 degrees when we left and got down to almost 50 degrees when we got into Waco, it was just under 1 hour and 1/2 traveling time. I didn't know the temperature could drop so fast! And I was not prepared! I wore a dress like it was still summer time and it surely was not! The wind had picked up also so that was just a great combo with the dress I was wearing. 

Magnolia did turn out to be pretty amazing, it was such a great visit and all the employees were so friendly it made for such a great time. We didn't stay very long becasue it was getting pretty cold and the crowd was picking up. But we stayed long enough to enjoy our time and pick up some things to take home. 

After we visited there Uncle Cook and Aunt Kathy wanted to show us a famous brigde in Waco. We didn't stay long because it was so cold but it was very cool! We also found a wall that said "TRUE LOVE" of course I had to get our photo taken. 

We ate at Twisted Roots Buger place and it was AmaZing - oh so good! 

I can't wait to go back to Magnolia Market and hopefully get to go with more family <3 

We of course wanted to not just take still photos but we included video also, that's at the end! Enjoy our goofyness .... haha