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Mermaid Hair | DIY Spray

Never in the history of me blogging did I think I would be talking about my hair. Just because it hasn't always been healthy. It's been a stuggle for a long time! Until... 

Well, lots of things have changed. I threw out all chemicals on my hair. How would you know if your products have chemicals? Download "think dirty" app and scan your products. It will rate it from 1-10  ... 10 being the worst! Let's just say mine where bad (and some said "organic") 

Next I started to use a natural shampoo with oils in it. Game gamer. 

Next I found this Mermiad spary. And now I'm more in love with my hair! 

I spray this on my wet hair but also when it's dry for friz control! 

So here is the "how too"!

Mermaid Spray
+ 4 oz glass jar
+ 30 drops Lavender
+ 30 drops Cedarwood
+ 20 drops Rosemary
+ 10 drops Geranium 
+ 3 oz of Thayer's unscented witch hazel

If you are needing these oils to make this spray or for you hair needs, message me, text me or visit this link to learn more!

Comment below and tell me if you are going to try this!

Sumwalt Kids | Lifestyle shoot


When we moved into our new little home in September, I knew what colors I wanted the walls. White. I had been dreaming of white walls for over a year and when I was seeing the home for the first time I saw a wall in the dining room, that was close to a window. I said to myself. That's the wall.

You see, I have been dreaming of being a mother for years. You may have asked me "When are you guys having kids?!" I would reply back ... "Not yet!" that doesn't mean I didn't want to be a mother. It was me saying "We have a plan, and we are waiting for the plan"

When I saw this blank wall I knew what I wanted to use it for. The long waited, bump wall.

You know, the one where you see the bump growing each month.

The day we found out we were parents to a little tiny baby in my belly I said: "Let's take a picture on the wall!!"


Just two young kids, who fell in love.