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Military Homecoming Fort Wayne Airport, IN | Behning

I was able to capture two Military Homecomings in one week! I am feeling so thankful to have such a wonderful job that lets me witness such special moments like these! 

Military Homecoming Fort Wayne, IN | Caldwell

I was so happy and honored to be asked again to photograph a Military Homecoming at the Fort Wayne Airport! These are just the very best moments and I am blessed to be apart! Truly. Could not ask for a better job.

Check out Jordan's homecoming pictures below... <3 

Downtown Wabash, IN | Coffee + Puppy Date

Last week I had the cutest, most lovely coffee date in Wabash, IN <3 I was so happy to meet with Haley and snuggle Anya her new baby (okay it's a puppy, but it's a baby!) As you scroll through these I can already hear "Awes" from you because it's hard not to want a puppy after seeing these!! While photographing these two I decided to take some short clips because, well... she was adorable! That's at the end (enjoy!) 

While out and about in Wabash we visited the sweetest used clothing store called Bellazo's. Darcie had some amazing items in there, sadly I did not have my wallet on me but I will be going back to grab some things soon! It's a must stop if visiting Wabash! <3

Tuesday's | Emma + Zoe

Tuesday's have been the "girls" day for awhile now and I am happy to be apart of it. Living at home has its struggles of course but there have been more perks then cons and this is one huge perk. I love "faking" being asleep and Emma come running to me and shake and yell at me "wake up Nonie!"

I love that Zoe is starting to stand up and move more, even though she is now all over the place and it's getting hard to keep her off the stairs! Zoe is a Meme's girl (she loves my mom!) but I think I will win her over one day!  

On this morning Emma colored and Zoe was being the great little sister she is and kept "bothering" Emma :) 

 I decided to share these photos so that we could look back on this in about 5 years and see what they are doing then, I love to see them grow but it's making me a little sad to think of them older! <3