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Life right now

Life is still at full speed for us! I am still in my busy season, I don't see an end in sight! (maybe by Christmas?!) I can just hope for a break, what does a break look like to me? Staying at home for a full day! That's all I'm asking for!

Indianapolis, IN Engagement Session | Jagger + Sumer

I so wish I had more time to be updating the blog with some beautiful people and some sweet, super sweet moments... but it's the editing and photographing season right now so in a few weeks I will catch up the blog on all the sessions! But this was one I did not want to get missed! 

These are some of our close friends who we love dearly. Cain went to high school with Jagger and when he told us about Sumer, I loved her from day one (I even added her on facebook before meeting each other and I believe I messaged her saying hi and basically said we should be friends lol)

Since then we have gotten to know Sumer and have loved seeing these two grow in love. I photographed the surprise engagement a few months back and now it was time for engagement photos, so we headed to Indy for a beautiful day to capture some of these moments. 

I can NOT wait for their wedding day!! <3 Enjoy, and more sessions to come :) 

Bedroom Tour | Part 1

 Not close to being done yet... but we have a BEDROOM! Woohoo! This was a very exciting day. When we got the news we could start moving in we were sad to hear that the carpet was not done yet in the bedroom though. That was a bummer to hear because nothing is more exciting than to get the bedroom in place first thing, so you have a bed to go to after a long day of work!

So we camped out upstairs on a futon for 2 weeks and then the day the carpet men came I opened the door wide open and sang praises! They thought I was nuts.

They weren't out the door before Cain started in the bedroom. We have had the bed it's self for 2 months, it started out in my parents living room. Then it was placed in on living room for those 2 weeks. Cain has had the wood ready and finished for almost a month, so all we needed was to set it up.

Of course, nothing turns out perfect and we had to make a lowes trip and with the help of our friends (Tony you rock!) We had a bed that night.

Since then we have slowly been doing other things and the bedroom hasn't gotten much more attention. We still need night stands, pictures need hung (this is the most important thing for me!), I need to get another curtain for the window and we are going to be putting a sliding barn door where the closet is! These things will come, for now ... we have a place to call home and lay our heads down at night and have a nice nights sleep.

We have a Green Choice Meditation Mattress that we love! The sheets and bed cover are from Amazon (My mother in law gifted us <3 I am a lucky girl)

My husband does not get enough praise for the hard work he does to make things so nice. He is so talented. I didn't even know he knew how to make a bedframe lol I am so blessed and thankful for his hard work and time put into making this place a home for us.

More will come and I will share when we get more into our bedroom!

Bluffton, IN | Sumwalt Kids

I can't get ENOUGH OF THESE LITTLE HUMANS! Ahhh!! It was so special to me to photograph such incredible kids. My heart had a soft spot for their smiles and giggles right away!! Enjoy these photos, I know I have ↴