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Glen Ellyn, Illinois | Crashing The Fair

This past Thursday we had the chance to meet up with a friend of Cain's from High School! Josie is now living in Chicago so when I found out I was going to get to visit Cain the last 2 weeks of his trip here I texted Josie to see if we could meet up! 

Everything worked out perfectly for it to happen! She invited her two friends to join us at the Blackberry Market to talk about oils and replacing chemicals! Then when Blackberry was closing for the night we decided to crash Glen Ellyn's local Fair! What a fun evening of good laughs and great fellowship with an old and new friends! 

My top is from @noragray <3


I am sharing this before and after pictures not because I have a magic shake for you or a wrap of some kind to sell, I don't. This was not a quick fix.. this was something hard, that took time and lots of research with hours of reading. So if you see this and want a quick fix, you should probably stop reading.

I am sharing to show what it looks like to have a lifestyle change. For those who don't know, I wanted to share this story with you... 


Happy Mother's day to all mommas out there!! Today was my mom's birthday too! So a special day to celebrate my mom! After lunch, I took my sister and two nieces outside for a mini-crazy shoot ;) The cuteness, realness ... just perfect for Mother's Day.... it isn't always pretty, but there are so moments in between the craziness that it's all worth it <3 

Bluffton, IN Maternity Session | Brittney

This session was a breeze. Brittney was "glowing" and rocks the belly look ;) But for real, I really enjoyed this session and can not wait to meet their baby girl here soon!!